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Do you need a cartoon? I'm Mike Sparrow and my job is the creation of illustrations and cartoons for use in your books, magazines, marketing material and websites.

Add Impact To Your Message

Before I became an illustrator, I worked for several large financial services firms. This has given me a special insight into creating illustrations for corporate newsletters, such as the above strip cartoon I call The Daily Grind.


I can create an ongoing strip cartoon for your publication, or illustrations for your stories, such as this image of Mozart for an article in Limelight, Australia's leading Arts magazine.

Just click on Mozart to see the complete illustration which was delivered three days after it was ordered.


Unique, Customized & Personalized

I can also create "one-off" cartoons to commemorate special events, such as a retirement, a merger, a product launch or any other milestone in your company's history. Or I can create unique illustrations, such as these examples:

Elf Dog Ski